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Convenient and Fast Money Transfer From Poland to a Ukrainian Bank Card

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The share of migrant money transfers in Ukrainian GDP is constantly increasing. People who needed to go abroad for one reason or another, regularly transfer money to their relatives and friends in Ukraine. Thus, they support not only their relatives but also the economy of our country. Fortunately, making money transfers today is much easier and safer than it was ten years ago. If you are wondering how to make a money transfer from Poland to a Ukrainian bank card, the answer is simple – use the Perekaz24 service. Note that our service allows you to transfer funds not only from Poland. But, since the number of our fellow citizens working in Poland is constantly growing, we decided to focus on this topic.

How to transfer money from Poland to cards of Ukrainian banks?

There are two main ways:

  • use the bank services in Poland;
  • use convenient online services, for example, Perekaz24.

A few years ago, using bank services was almost the only safe and convenient way. You had to visit a bank department in Poland convenient for you (basically, this is the bank where you have an account) and transfer money to the recipient’s account in Ukraine. The huge disadvantage is the need to waste time. That is, you need to go to the bank during working hours, sometimes asking for time off from work. Of course, not everyone will like this.

Everything changed when online money transfer services entered the financial services market. There are two main (but not the only) advantages:

  • transfer from Poland to the card can be done anytime;
  • You can top up a card in Poland without leaving your home or workplace.

We will talk about the advantages that Perekaz24 opens up for you a little later.

How to top up a Ukrainian bank card abroad with the help of Perekaz24 service

How to transfer money from Poland to cards of Ukrainian banks ► Convenient and Fast Money Transfer From Poland to a Ukrainian Bank Card - Perekaz24

It only takes a few steps to make a money transfer:

  1. Register on our website. It is simple, all you need is to fill in all the fields and click the “Register” button.
  2. After that, you can make a transfer. To do this, enter the recipient’s details. To make sure how convenient the transfer from Poland to the card of Ukraine is, we made the first funds’ transfer free for everyone.

The first money transfer is free so that you can make sure that the service is simple and fast.

Of course, before replenishing a card abroad, you should indicate its number. After the transaction is completed by the sender, the recipient will receive a message about the receipt of funds on his card.

How to get money in Ukraine?

For the recipient, the process is simple and straightforward. You just need to provide the number of the valid bank card to the sender, who is located in Poland or another country where the service operates. The list of countries can be found here.

Let’s talk about fees, restrictions, and reliability

Our service is designed for instant money transfers. That is, if you think about how to replenish the card of a Ukrainian bank in Poland for several hundred or thousand hryvnias, this solution is right for you.

About fee

The transfer fee is paid by the sender, it is 1.5% of the transfer amount. There are no other additional fees. Let us remind you that the first transfer of funds is free of charge.

About restrictions

There is no limit on the number of transfers in the Perekaz24 system, there is only a daily limit on the total amount of transfers. If the transfer is made to a card, the issuing banks may set additional limits or restrictions following the rules and rates for servicing the recipient’s card.

The transfer limits are as follows:

  • 2,000 USD or equivalent / per day;
  • 8,000 USD or equivalent / per day.

Minimum transfer amount:

  • to a bank card – 10 UAH;
  • with cash withdrawal – 1 USD/EUR.

About safety

Many people who are used to using bank services may be wary of such services. And it is right. After all, money is hard to earn, and it is better not to trust it to questionable financial institutions. Therefore, we declare openly that our services are officially registered and secure. The service is provided on the basis of the permission of the Financial Supervision Commission (Poland) for the provision of payment services as a National Payment Institution, issued for Transfer24 Sp. z o.o. (IP5 / 2013) and permission of the NBU for the provision of services in the field of the international money transfer system, issued for Meest Corporation Inc. (53-02010 / 16274).

Transfer from Poland to a bank card with Perekaz24: advantages

To summarize, let’s focus on the benefits our clients receive:

  • safety and excellent support;
  • efficiency and instant crediting of funds;
  • convenience and simplicity of working with the service;
  • minimum fee for transfers – only from 1.99 PLN.

And the most important thing! Perekaz24 is a Ukrainian service, which was created for Ukrainians with love.

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