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How to start using MeestPay? arrow

Register for free and create a User profile with MeestPay. Provide personal data that matches your documents and can be confirmed during user verification. Indicate the current phone to which an SMS will be sent for the registration activation.

Can I have more than one account? arrow

Registration by the sender of several accounts in the MeestPay service is prohibited! In the case of such registrations, the ability to send transfers will be blocked.

Can I change my data after registration? arrow

Always keep your information up to date! You have the opportunity to make changes to the data using the appropriate functionality in the User profile. It is also possible to create a request using the contact form.

Who should register, the sender or the recipient? arrow

To make a money transfer, registration is required only for the sender. Login to the User profile - the user will be able to send transfers to different recipients by indicating the card numbers to which money must be send.

Transfer limits, how to increase them? arrow

After registration "Welcome limit" is set for the user, the total amount of which is limited to the equivalent of 300 US dollars and 150 US dollars for a separate transfer. Once the user's identity is verified, the limits automatically increase to the equivalent of $600 per transfer, $2,000 within the next 24 hours, and $10,000 for the next 30 days. The number of executed transfers - not limited! The functionality for verifying the identity is located in the user profile.

How can I check if the recipient has received my transfer? arrow

The current status of the transfer can be checked in the "Transaction History" after logging into the MeestPay user profile. Status - "Paidout" means that the beneficiary's bank credited the amount to the card.

How to delete my user profile? arrow

The account may be blocked by the Operator at your request. To do this, you must send an email using the contact form on the service website or request from your user profile.

How fast the transfer will be executed? arrow

We guarantee that each sent transfer will be paid to the recipient's card in 5 seconds from the moment it was made. In some cases, the beneficiary's bank may require more time to process the payment.

What is the transfer fee? arrow

The transfer fee is charged from the sender's bank card and is 1.99% of the amount plus 0.49 EUR or the equivalent in the currency of the transfer. There are no other additional fees.

How can I find out the currency conversion rate? arrow

To calculate the exact exchange rate, in the user profile, you need to select the card from which and to which the transfer will be made. The system will automatically detect countries, types of cards and display the current exchange rate for the transaction.

Why my transfer is declined? arrow

A refusal can be received on the sender's card (amount limit exceeded, insufficient funds on the account, the bank does not allow money transfers) the same as on the recipient's card (incorrect card number, expired card, or card does not accept money transfers). The reason for the refusal is added to each transfer in your user profile. You can also check with the issuer bank the information about the refusal details.

What cards and from which countries are accepted for transfers? arrow

The MeestPay transfer system works with all cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems. At the same time, Visa has established some territorial restrictions on payment for transfers outside the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), while MasterCard is supported by all the countries represented in the service. You can see the full list where MeestPay works in the Countries section.

Can I send a transfer from an IBAN account? arrow

The system executes only instant money transfers from card to card using its number. We are constantly working on expanding the functionality and will offer a solution soon!

Can I cancel the transaction? arrow

No, the transaction is executed instantly and automatically without the possibility of cancelation!

What type of card should the recipient have? arrow

Transfers are paid to cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, issued by banks of the countries MeestPay supports, and card accounts are maintained in the currencies offered in the calculator.

In what currency the transfer can be received? arrow

Payment to the card can be made in any currency supported by the MeestPay service. To avoid double conversion - choose the currency for the payment in which the recipient's card account is maintained!

Does the recipient of the transfer pay the commission? arrow

No, the MeestPay service does not charge any additional fees from the recipient. Please note that the Card Issuer Bank may charge an additional fee in accordance with the terms and conditions of the card account, so we recommend to clarify the conditions before crediting funds to the recipient!

If the selected currency does not match the card account? arrow

The transfer may be declined by the recipient's bank or a double conversion will take place and the amount will be credited in the currency of the card account.

What if the recipient provided the wrong card? arrow

If the recipient's card, for certain reasons, does not accept the transfer, it will be declined, and the funds will remain on the sender's card. The system will inform about the reason for the refusal. We recommend that you clarify the new card number and repeat the transfer.

How many transfers can be received? arrow

The MeestPay international money transfer system does not set any limits on the number of transfers that can be credited to the recipient's card. The card issuer bank independently establishes the rules, additional limits, or restrictions, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the recipient's card.

With the "Paidout" status, the money has not been credited to the recipient's card. arrow

If the recipient's bank accepts the transfer, the "Paidout" status is reflected in the user profile. It takes 5 seconds to execute the transfer, but in rare cases, some banks may credit the amount in accordance with their accounting rules and reflect the amount on the recipient's account within the next 24 hours.

Hown are my personal data secured? arrow

The processing and protection of your personal data are in accordance with the rules and procedures defined by Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR). Detailed information on the processing and protection of personal data can be found in the "Privacy Policy" posted on our website.

How safe is using the MeestPay service? arrow

Meest is a well-known postal and logistics operator operating in the market for over 30 years and with offices in most countries of the world. Developing our services, we care about our own reputation and a high level of security. You can find all the rules in the section - Security.

Does the recipient see the sender's bank account or card number? arrow

No, the recipient the same as the Operator, does not see card or account numbers. Data is stored by the payment partner in compliance with the highest PCI DSS security standards, capturing only the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number.

What payment cards are supported in the MeestPay money transfer system? arrow

Transactions are possible using payment cards of Visa or MasterCard.

Can I pay for a transfer with a card issued for another person? arrow

No, according to the MeestPay Service Regulations, the user profile must be registered to the same person who is the cardholder.

Can anyone do the transfer instead of me? arrow

Do not share information, passwords, personal card data, authorization codes with third parties, especially strangers, no matter how they ask for it. Compliance with financial security rules is the highest priority in our work. To clarify the information, MeestPay managers are always asked to submit information through the user profile. If you have lost access to the user profile, please let us know immediately!

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