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How to Send Money From Slovakia to Ukraine Safely and Quickly

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You live in Slovakia, but have relatives and friends in Ukraine? Do you want to support them financially or just send money to your friends for their birthday? Transferring money from Slovakia to Ukraine has never been so easy as with the Perekaz24 service. Transfer money whenever you want, in cash in foreign currency or to a bank card in UAH, without worrying about the reliability and security of transactions. We will tell you about the advantages of our service. We will make a comparison with bank transfers, and also describe in a few words how to use the service. Find out more about money transfers from Slovakia to Ukraine.

How to Transfer Money From Slovakia to Ukraine Quickly and Safely?

Having studied the advantages of the Perekaz24 service, you will receive an answer to this question.

Advantages only:

  1. No need to visit a bank branch, the cash desk of which is open only on weekdays from 9 am till 5 pm, and sometimes even until 4:30 pm. You can make a money transfer from Slovakia to Ukraine on Sunday evening, and in a minute or two, the recipient will receive a message about the transfer. The money can be used at your own discretion immediately after crediting.
  2. A minimum of actions from both the sender and the recipient. When registering on the site for the first time, the sender needs to enter personal data and go through card verification. To do this, a specific amount will be debited from the account, the amount of which will need to be reported to confirm the card. The debited amount will be returned to the account within three working days. The recipient needs to provide the full name, phone number, and card number of the Ukrainian bank (if it is a money transfer from Slovakia to Ukraine from card to card).
  3. The ability to transfer not only UAHbut also USD and EUR. You can get cash at any of the 3,500 branches of Ukrainian banks. To do this, the recipient must provide a passport and transfer number. For PrivatBank clients, the procedure is even simpler: after receiving the control number of the transfer, they can transfer funds on their own to their currency card using the banking application and choosing the Welsend system.
  4. Safety. Today, cases of internet scams occur every day. Therefore, many are wondering how to transfer money from Slovakia to Ukraine safely. Our service guarantees the confidentiality of personal data and non-disclosure of information to third parties. The service operator uses the rules and procedures for the protection of user personal data, which are established by Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union of April 27, 2016. The Perekaz24 service is performed based on the permission of the Financial Supervision Commission (Poland) for the provision of payment services as a National Payment Institution, issued for Transfer24 Sp. z o.o. (IP5 / 2013) and permission of the National Bank of Ukraine for the provision of services in the field of the international money transfer system, issued for Meest Corporation Inc. (53-02010 / 16274).

If we compare our service with a bank transfer, it has the following advantages:

  • no need to visit the bank department, all operations are carried out online;
  • instant money transfer;
  • minimum fee and the first money transfer is free;
  • minimum information about the recipient;
  • transfers from card to card are possible;
  • You can use the service all over the world by registering just one account.

How to Send Money From Slovakia to Ukraine Safely and Quickly

Are There Transfer Limits?

Our service is created to transfer small amounts. Basically, it is convenient to use if you want to transfer money often, but in small amounts. At the same time, there is no limit on the number of transfers. There is only a daily limit on the total amount of transfers. Please note that if a transfer is made to a card, additional limits or restrictions may be set by issuing banks. You need to read the rules and service rates of the recipient’s card.

How to Send Money From Slovakia to Ukraine?

The sender registers on the site. We wrote about card verification above. The first money transfer is free. The sender needs to indicate the name, phone number, and card number of the recipient. And that’s all. As soon as the sender confirms the transfer, the recipient receives a message that the money is in his account. If we consider the option of receiving cash at any of the 3,500 bank branches in Ukraine, the recipient needs to provide the documents and the transfer number.

Is It Possible to Transfer Money From Ukraine to Slovakia?

So far, our service is working on transfers from abroad to Ukraine. But, studying demand, analyzing the consumer market, we are constantly expanding the range of services provided. Follow the news on our website and be the first to know about new services. We work every day to become better.

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