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How to transfer money from England to Ukraine

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Back in 1994, about 30 thousand Ukrainians lived in the United Kingdom. Over the past two and a half decades, its number has only increased. The country is interesting for Ukrainians in terms of well-paid work and a high level of education. Therefore, most of them work here or study. As a result, many may wonder how to transfer money from England to Ukraine. After all, going to a foreign country, many people have close relatives or friends in Ukraine. Fortunately, there are several proven and safe ways to transfer money today. Let’s talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

Money Transfer From England to Ukraine: Convenient Ways

How to transfer money from England to Ukraine

  1. A few years ago, one of the most popular methods was bank transfers. The sender went to a bank branch in England, indicated the recipient’s data and transferred funds. The advantage is that transferring money from England to Ukraine is completely safe. There are several drawbacks: to order a money transfer, you need to spend a lot of time, moreover, your working time, since banks are open only from Monday to Friday in the UK. In addition, the money transfer itself could take several days. Thus, the main disadvantage is the length of the entire process.
  2. Often, money was transferred through friends who returned to Ukraine. The advantage is that you could send any amount. But there are many more disadvantages. First, the transfer could take a long time. You need to give the money, then the way from England to Ukraine. And it is not a guarantee that a person is going to the very city where the recipient lives. Consequently, we should add time for a trip through the territory of Ukraine. Another disadvantage was that you could only transfer money in cash.
  3. Today, the most common way to transfer money from the UK to Ukraine is through online payment systems, one of which is Perekaz24. Pros – it’s fast, online from card to card, at any time of the day, and safe.

These are not all the benefits that you get by using the Perekaz24 online transfer service. We have developed a service for Ukrainians who want to financially support their relatives and friends. This can be done most conveniently for you. Once using our service (the first money transfer from the UK to Ukraine is free), you will become a regular customer.

Transferring Money From England to Ukraine With perekaz24: Advantages

  1. You can make instant transfers while at home or work. All you need is to log in to the system, specify the recipient’s data and click the “Send” button. Our site is adapted for the mobile version, so it is convenient to transfer money from England to Ukraine not only from a PC but also from a smartphone. If you are making the first transfer, you need to go through a short registration, indicating your personal data. Registration confirmation will be sent to your email address. After that, the card should be verified. To do this, some sum will be withdrawn from the account, the amount of which will need to be specified for confirmation. The funds will be returned to the account within three banking days.
  2. A minimum fee is charged for transfers. And the first transfer is free, so you can see how easy and convenient everything is.
  3. You can transfer money in UAH to cards of any of the Ukrainian banks. As soon as you pay for the transfer, the recipient will receive a message that the payment has been credited. Even if you transfer money overnight, the recipient will be able to use it immediately.
  4. It is also possible to transfer funds to receive cash in USD or EUR. The recipient gets the cash at any of the 3,500 branches of partner banks in Ukraine. To do this, the recipient will need to provide a passport and a control number of the transfer and inform the bank employee that the transfer was sent in the “Wellsend/Mist” system.
  5. Naturally, before transferring money to Ukraine, you want to make sure that the operation is safe, and your data is not disclosed to third parties. Therefore, we want to assure you that we do not have access to the clients’ payment card numbers. They do not enter our systems and are not saved by us. Also, you will find information on the site about the availability of a license to provide financial services. To get them, we had to go through months of checks. But this is the only way we were able to guarantee the safety of financial transactions.

Transfer to a Card or in Cash at a Bank Branch: What to Choose?

Everything depends on the personal preferences and requirements of the recipient. If funds are needed instantly for urgent order, then, of course, it is more convenient to transfer from card to card. If the recipient needs foreign currency, then the best option would be to receive it at the bank. In any case, you can be sure that transferring money from the United Kingdom to Ukraine with the Perekaz24 service is the most convenient option.

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