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How to Transfer Money From Poland to Ukraine to a Privatbank Card

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About 3 million Ukrainians live and work in Poland in 2021. Whatever the conditions of work and income, they have something in common – the need to send money to their families every month. In 2020, $2.46 billion was sent from Poland to Ukraine, and this is only according to official data.

Therefore, the question of how to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine to the Privatbank card worries every Ukrainian. Perekaz24 will help you figure it out. Continue reading to find out how to transfer money profitably, as well as the benefits of transfer service.

What Is the Best Way to Transfer Money

Not all Ukrainians in Poland transfer money to the Privatbank card. Often, money is transferred in an old-fashioned way – through the bus drivers or using the service of local transfers. And if the second method is often costly since the fee is quite high, then the first is unreliable – after all, such “couriers” often do not deliver the entire amount. That is why questions about how to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine to a Privatbank card are relevant for every Ukrainian employee in Poland. The Perekaz24 service is relatively new but can transfer the entire amount to the recipient.

Those Ukrainians who have an account in a Polish bank can transfer money directly to Ukraine to a Privatbank card through electronic banking. But there is one problem – high costs. Double currency conversion used by banks is not beneficial for customers. It turns out that bank transfer is not the best option, since a significant amount is lost on the exchange plus the fee.

In such a situation, the best option is special transfer services that allow you to transfer money with a minimum commission. One of these services is Perekaz24, which offers to safely transfer money from Poland to Ukraine directly to the Privatbank card. The transfer can be made around the clock, and the commission for services is minimal.

Money Transfer Fee

Transferring money from Poland to Ukraine to a Privatbank card ► How to Transfer Money From Poland to Ukraine to a Privatbank Card - Perekaz24

By transferring money from Poland to Ukraine via Internet banking, you will lose a significant amount on the commission due to double conversion. In order not to lose your money, everybody would like to find transfer opportunities without the sky-high commission. Sending money by bus is more profitable in terms of commission, but there is no guarantee that the carrier will give the entire amount to your relatives. This means that we need an option when the money is transferred with a small commission and with the guarantee that it will get to its destination at the same time.

With the Perekaz24 service, you can make the first transfer without commission. Then, there is a minimum commission of 1.99 PLN. This is ideal for small, regular transfers – weekly or monthly.

Perekaz24 Advantages

Transferring money from Poland to Ukraine to a Privatbank card through the Perekaz24 service has a number of advantages for both the sender and the recipient. Among all, it is worth noting the following advantages:

  • No need to look for a bank branch or post office to transfer money to your relatives. It is enough to register on the site, it takes only a few minutes. Everything is confidential, so you don’t have to worry about security. The recipient, in turn, will receive the money even before you inform him about it.
  • Money will be received in a few minutes. No additional documents or other formalities are required. Just enter the recipient’s details.
  • Everyone will cope with the transfer procedure, everything is extremely simple on the service, you do not need to understand the specifics of Internet services. Fill in all the fields and click the button.
  • Low commission, from 1.99 PLN. This is the best option if you periodically send small amounts.
  • Two ways to receive money. The first one – to the card of any Ukrainian bank, including Privatbank. The second – in cash in dollars or euros at the branches of partner banks. There are 3500 such branches in Ukraine, including the largest Ukrainian banks.
  • It is possible to transfer money to Ukraine not only from Poland. There are more than 30 countries available in the service.

The Perekaz24 service is not only convenient but also profitable. No hidden costs and efficiency, moreover, you always know the amount of money you will receive. The best guarantee is reviews of hundreds of satisfied service users. Register in the system and make the first transfer – there will be no commission. Our service is convenient, see for yourself.

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