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International Card-to-Card Money Transfers

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We live in an era of comprehensive digitalization, namely the digital transformation of society and the economy. If not everyone agreed with the relevance of this trend a year ago, with the onset of a global pandemic, humanity is increasingly moving into cyberspace. This applies to almost every area of life: shopping, ordering food, arranging services, communicating with relatives and friends, etc. Physical contact is minimized to protect our health. We will have to continue living in such a world, so we need to adapt our habits to modern trends. It used to be a common thing to go to the bank to get money. Many people, especially the elderly, regarded this as an opportunity to meet a friend and to talk. Today, such contacts may turn out to be unsafe for health. For this reason, the international transfer of money from card to card is becoming more and more popular. Convenient online services, including Perekaz24, offer users instant money transfers to Ukraine at any time. We will talk about this and other benefits below.

International Card-to-Card Money Transfers: Advantages

The number of users of the Perekaz24 service is growing exponentially. Let’s have a closer look at the advantages of the service:

  1. Money transfers are convenient and straightforward. To make an international card-to-card transfer, you don’t even need to leave your home. Banks were the most popular way to transfer money a few years ago. But financial institutions were mostly open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. And this meant that many had to take time off from work to transfer money, for example, from Poland to relatives in Ukraine. And a prerequisite was providing a passport or other identity document. Online services allow you to carry out international card-to-card money transfers at any time without additional documents.
  2. Minimum information about the recipient. We do not always have all the data about the recipient: full name, passport number, registration, etc. To transfer money online from card to card, you only need the name and number of the recipient’s valid card.
  3. Minimum time. International card-to-card transfers save time for both you and the recipient. We have already mentioned the benefits for the sender. And the process is even simpler for the recipient of the money. It is only required to provide the sender with the number of a valid Ukrainian bank card. Money is received instantly both during working hours and at night or on weekends. In this case, the recipient does not pay any fees and receives the amount declared by the sender.

International Card-to-Card Money Transfers ► International Card-to-Card Money Transfers - Perekaz24

Why Choose perekaz24

Today international card-to-card money transfers are carried out by several services. The most convenient and profitable option is Perekaz24. The users get the following benefits:

  • simple registration and transfer process;
  • the first international card-to-card transfer is free so that you can see how simple and convenient it is;
  • minimum fee for the second and subsequent transfers;
  • the ability to transfer up to 8000 USD per month for verified cards;
  • the daily limit is 2000 USD or the equivalent in other currencies;
  • the transfer can be received by the owner of a Mastercard or Visa card, the issuer of which is any Ukrainian bank, to a card account in hryvnia (UAH);
  • complete security of transfers. The Perekaz24 service is performed based on the permission of the Financial Supervision Commission (Poland) for the provision of payment services as a National Payment Institution, which was issued for Transfer24 Sp. z o.o. (IP5 / 2013) and permission of the NBU for the provision of services in the field of the international money transfer system, issued for Meest Corporation Inc. (53-02010/16274).

How to Make an International Card-to-Card Money Transfer?

  1. Take a short registration.
  2. It is only required to indicate the recipient’s card number and full name for the transfer. We recall that the first international card-to-card transfer is free.

Data Protection Guarantee

Many people wonder if the international card-to-card transfer is safe and whether third parties can get access to cards and personal accounts. We assure you that your personal data is fully protected. The operator of the Perekaz24 service has implemented and is using the rules and procedures for the protection of user personal data, which are established by Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union of 27.04.2016. You can find detailed information on the processing and protection of personal data in the Privacy Policy on our website.

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