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It’s time for a change: Perekaz24 changes its name to MeestPay

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Welcome our brand-new money transfer service – MeestPay!

Why MeestPay?

One of the not-obvious facts about Perekaz24 is that we are part of an international group of companies called Meest, which has been operating in the e-commerce and logistics market for more than 30 years in most countries around the world, delivering important packages to our customers and serving export/import operations for the corporate partners. Inspired by the international success of Meest, we decided it is time for a change.

The rapid development of the digital economy in 2022 continues to contribute to the growing need for instant money transfers between individuals, as well as simple and reliable settlements between buyers and sellers in e-commerce at the global level. It is important for users to be able to send money or pay for a purchase in the desired currency at any time, quickly, conveniently and with minimal fees. When looking for a service that provides such solution, one of the decisive factors in the choice is support by the service as many countries as possible. By changing the name to MeestPay, we aim to win the favor of users around the world and break down financial barriers between civilized countries.

What’s so special about MeestPay? The new name, MeestPay, reflects our readiness to enter a wide international market, as “Meest” indicates a close connection with a well-known group of companies, and “Pay” briefly and clearly outlines the scope of our services.

What hasn’t changed?

The MeestPay team remains true to its principles, on which the service and communication with you, our customers are based. These principles include:

  • Simplicity – we make sure that it is convenient for each client to use the service, regardless of age;
  • Accessibility – we are constantly improving, offering our customers advanced technologies, combining them on our MeestPay platform;
  • Transparency and honesty with customers, which consists in the absence of additional commissions or hidden fees and instant execution of transactions;
  • Security – our procedure for the protection of users’ personal data is fully compliant with the rules of Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union, and all payment data is stored by the payment partner in accordance with the highest standards of data security of PCI DSS cards.

What’s next?

Rebranding allows us to appeal to a wide international audience, which contributes to the scaling of the service and the expansion of the geographical areas of money transfers and the development of the platform in the e-commerce.

We have already made an update of the web site, which you can visit by clicking on the link Of the most important changes, we have launched a convenient and functional mobile application MeestPay for Android and iOS, which greatly simplifies the process of transferring funds. 

MeestPay will continue to grow vigorously as there are already plans to add new currencies, new countries, and new opportunities for our customers in the near future. We are sincerely grateful to you for your support and use of the service! ❤️

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