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Transfer of Money From Portugal to Ukraine

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Every month, Ukrainians working in Portugal send at least half of their salary to their relatives in Ukraine. For a long time, people used to transfer money by bus, then this “old” method was replaced by money transfers, like Western Union, but the high commission forces us to look for an alternative. Read on to find out how to profitably transfer money from Portugal to Ukraine.

What Is the Best Way to Transfer Money

Let’s figure out how to make a transfer to Ukraine. Let’s have a look at the available methods one by one:

  1. Bank transfer. For most, this is a familiar and fairly convenient way to transfer money to Ukraine from abroad, including Portugal. It is enough to visit a bank branch, indicate the main data of the recipient like a full name and passport data, deposit money, and pay the bank’s commission. This method has its drawbacks – working hours. Usually, you can make a transfer from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, which means you will have to waste your working time. Moreover, the transfer will take several days.
  2. Transfer through friends. People often transfer money to their relatives by bus drivers or friends who return to Ukraine. This is not the best way to transfer money as there is no guarantee that the entire amount will reach the final recipient, moreover, it will not be soon.
  3. Online transfer services. This is the most convenient and fastest way. It is enough to register in the system, enter some data and transfer money directly from the card. No documents are required from either the sender or the recipient. Of course, there is another option – money transfer not to the card, but the bank branch. In this case, you will need an identity card to collect the money.

The best option for transferring money to Ukraine is the Perekaz24 service.

Commission for Money Transfer From Portugal

Transfer of Money From Portugal to Ukraine

The Perekaz24 service offers transfers with a minimum commission. Only 1.5% of the amount, but not less than 0.49 euros when transferring from Portugal. This is quite a bit, given the speed and conditions of the transfer. There are no additional hidden fees.

Please note that the first transfer won’t cost a penny if the amount does not exceed 100 euros. This will help you to make sure how convenient it is to make transfers with the Perekaz24 service. Even when transferring money through friends who go to Ukraine, you will have to spend more.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Money?

The recipient will receive money almost instantly at any time of the day or night. The service is available 24/7 – and this is one of the main advantages since it is not always possible to visit a bank branch during the day. There is not always the strength and desire to look for a working bank branch after a working day. With transfer services, it will take a maximum of 10 minutes and the recipient will have the money. The money will be credited faster than you can tell the recipient about it. If you choose a cash transfer, you can pick it up in 10 minutes, but it all depends on the opening hours of the bank branch you have chosen.

Perekaz24 Advantages

Our service is available in 30 countries around the world. Transfer money from Portugal, Germany, Poland, and dozens of other countries. It is worth noting the following advantages of using our service among the others:

  • Instant transfer, especially when it comes to transferring money from card to card. As soon as you complete the operation, the recipient will immediately receive a message about the transfer of funds. The service works 24/7. The time of day does not affect the speed of the operation.
  • Free first transfer. Register with the service and transfer the first money for free. Further, the commission will not exceed 1.5% of the amount, but at least 0.49 euros.
  • Safety. Our service has all permissions for activities, you can find it on the site.
  • The ability to transfer money not only from card to card but also to bank branches. We cooperate with 3500 branches throughout Ukraine, including well-known banks.

Register on the service by filling out the form. Immediately after registration, you will have access to your personal account, where you can make international transfers. To transfer money, indicate the name of the recipient and the account number or branch where the money will be received.

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