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Transferring Money From Germany to Ukraine: Different Ways Comparison and Choosing the Optimal One

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For many Ukrainians, Germany is considered an ideal country for life and work. Highly-paid work of specialists, employees’ social protection, and comfortable living conditions. For this reason, many of our citizens are looking for a better life in Germany. Some people achieved it and stayed there, and some appreciated the possibilities of temporary work and additional earnings. But, both people who live in Germany permanently and those who went there for temporary work are looking for a way to transfer money from Germany to Ukraine. After all, it is the support of relatives and friends who stayed in Ukraine that is one of the goals of going abroad. Fortunately, we live in a modern age of technology, and the possibilities in digital finance are endless. Take advantage of the developments of our time, making the transfer of money from Germany to Ukraine as simple and convenient as possible.

Transferring Money From Germany to Ukraine: Possible Options

Let’s start by listing all possible transferring options so that you can choose the best and most convenient one for you:

  1. Bank transfer. For many, this is the most familiar way of transferring money from Germany to Ukraine, since it was considered almost the only one just a few years ago. The sender had to visit a bank branch in Germany (often exactly the one where he had an account), indicate the recipient’s basic data (full name, passport details, etc.), enter the transfer amount and pay the bank commission. The main disadvantage is that banks are open only on weekdays from 9 to 17. This means that you have to waste your working time. Another disadvantage is that money transfers from Germany to Ukraine through banks take several days. It depends on the bank.
  2. Transfer money through friends who return to Ukraine. Everything is simple here: someone travels by car or flies by plane to Ukraine, and you transfer money. There are many disadvantages: it is not the safest way, money transfer takes a lot of time, there is no possibility to transfer money at any convenient time.
  3. Online services. It is the most modern and convenient way to transfer money from Germany to Ukraine. There are many advantages: efficiency, the ability to transfer money at any time to a card or to receive it at the bank’s cash desk, a minimum of documents required from both the sender and the recipient, and the minimum transfer fee. There are practically no downsides, but it is important to choose a secure online service. This is exactly what Perekaz24 is.

Transferring Money From Germany to Ukraine ► Transferring Money From Germany to Ukraine: Different Ways Comparison and Choosing the Optimal One - Perekaz24

Transferring Money From Germany to Ukraine Becomes Easier With perekaz24

Our service was created for instant transfers from Germany (or other countries, the list of which can be found here) to Ukraine. The main advantages are as follows:

  • the ability to transfer cash both in USD or EUR, which can be received at any of 3500 bank branches, and hryvnia (UAH) to a Mastercard or Visa card issued by any Ukrainian bank;
  • this is the best way to transfer money from Germany to Ukraine instantly. Especially in the case of transfers to the bank card. As soon as the sender has completed the operation in his personal account, the recipient will immediately receive a message about the money transfer. It doesn’t have to be business hours. Transfer money to family and friends on weekends or even at night;
  • the first transfer is free – see how easy it is to transfer money with Perekaz24 are and you will definitely become a regular user of the service;
  • a minimum fee is charged for the second and subsequent transfers, which is 1.5% of the amount, but not less than 0.49 EUR;
  • money transfer from Germany to Ukraine with Perekaz24 is completely safe. All financial services permits can be found on our website.

Money Transfer From Germany to Ukraine to the Card and in Cash

The sender carries out all operations online. All that is needed is access to the Internet and registration on our service. After registration and card verification, the sender indicates the method: transfer to the card or cash withdrawal at the bank’s cash desk.

Online card-to-card transfer: it is the fastest and easiest way. You only need the full name and card number of the recipient to make a transfer. Money can be transferred to any Ukrainian bank, but only to cards with accounts in hryvnia.

Cash withdrawal at the bank’s cash desk: it is a good option when it comes to transfers in foreign currency. The recipient should contact the bank and provide an identity document, the control number of the transfer, and inform that the transfer was sent in the “Wellsend/Mist” system.

Today, money transfers to Ukraine become easier and safer if you use the Perekaz24 service, which was created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians.

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