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What Is a Virtual Card?

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The virtual card does not differ from the usual one … Almost. The main difference is the absence of a plastic carrier, but it, like a plastic one, can be used for any financial transaction. Many people still wonder what a virtual card is, how safe it is and what are the advantages of using it. Continue reading on to find out.

What Is a Virtual Card

A virtual card is often perceived as an addition to the main plastic one. But now more and more banks offer separate digital cards that can be opened without the main one. Such a card is suitable for any operations – payment for services, transfers, mobile top-up, and so on, but without plastic. In fact, this is a card in the phone, it is there, but it does not physically exist. Considering that NFC functions are available in almost every smartphone, such a card can be used to pay in stores and even withdraw cash if the ATM has an NFC withdrawal function. If not, a number of shops and gas stations now offer the option to withdraw cash.

A virtual bank card can replace the main one. Of course, there are a number of features:

  • The validity period is on average 1 year, while the validity period of a card with a plastic carrier is 4 years.
  • The cards have their own details, but the CVV2 code usually changes, it can be obtained upon request. This provides additional protection for the card.
  • Virtual cards often have a set limit for online payments, this protects against possible loss of funds. But as a rule, the limits can be changed by the cardholder.

At the same time, there are no special restrictions, the virtual card can be used as an addition to the main one or separately.

How to Use a Virtual Card?

Virtual Card ► What Is a Virtual Card? - Perekaz24

The main purpose of a virtual card is to pay for goods and services on the Internet. If we talk about the Perekaz24 money transfer service, the payment for the transfer is carried out as in the online store. That is, you enter the card number, expiration date and CVV2. The money will be debited from the card. If you are worried that more money will be charged from your main card than indicated, then a virtual bank card is the best option. Top up the virtual card from the main one for the amount you want to transfer. Then make a transfer through the Perekaz24 service and do not worry about money. Your main card data will not leave a trace on the Internet.

Advantages of a Virtual Card

People who want to safely transfer money from abroad to Ukraine often wonder what a virtual bank card is and whether it is beneficial to use it. Everything is quite simple, using a virtual card has a number of advantages:

  • Safety. This is the main advantage of the virtual card. You set the limit yourself for debiting funds for a day or a month. The limit cannot be exceeded, only you can change it. It turns out that the card is replenished for a certain amount, and it is immediately transferred to the recipient. The Perekaz24 service has all levels of protection, your data will be safe. But this applies not only to the use of the transfer service, but you can also pay with a virtual card in online stores, and even if scammers steal money, you will easily get off, as you will lose an insignificant amount. To make payments even more secure, issue several virtual cards at once for different purposes.
  • Versatility. Virtual cards allow you to pay for goods and services around the world through international payment systems. You can use a virtual card just like a plastic one. There are no restrictions on payments or transfers.
  • Convenience and speed of issue. Going to the bank, queues, and registration – you will have to spend at least a few hours to get a plastic card. Another option is to order online with home delivery, but then you have to spend money. You can get a virtual card in your bank’s mobile application in just a few minutes. Access to the network and a computer or smartphone are all you need to get a card. It can be replenished and actively used, of course, within the limit immediately after the card is issued.

As you can see, issuing a virtual card has numerous advantages.

Virtual Card Cost

Most banks offer free virtual cards. That is, in a matter of minutes you receive a card that you can replenish and pay for services and goods. It is best to use a virtual card to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine through the Perekaz24 service. For example, you do not have a bank card or it has expired. In order not to visit the bank, you can quickly issue a virtual card, replenish it in the terminal and make a transfer to relatives in Ukraine. Or, on the contrary, your relatives do not have a card, or it has expired, and due to the COVID-19, they do not want to visit the bank. Create a virtual card and make international transfers quickly and securely.

Why Choose Perekaz24 Service

Perekaz24 is a service for fast money transfers to Ukraine. Sign up in minutes. To transfer money, it is enough to indicate the name and card number of the recipient. The money will be instantly transferred, while the fee is minimal. All information on payments can be tracked in your account.

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