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Where Did the Ukrainians Receive the Most Transfers From?

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Due to the difficult economic situation, unstable financial situation, and lack of well-paid jobs, our citizens are often looking for better earnings abroad. Of course, after getting a job and receiving a salary, they begin to make money transfers from abroad to Ukraine.

How much money did the workers transfer to Ukraine? In early 2020, banks released data with statistics for 2019. According to these data, the following countries are included in the top five:

  • United States of America ($194 million);
  • Israel ($169 million);
  • Italy ($107 million);
  • Russia ($97 million);
  • Poland ($73 million).

The above information is provided by Privat Bank. They report that the total remittances of migrants amounted to more than $1.16 billion through the bank’s services and systems.

If we consider general statistics, the transfer of money from abroad amounted to $12 billion through official and unofficial channels in 2019. This is 10% more than in 2018.

The most commonly used translation methods:

  • bank cash desks;
  • digital services.

If you are also interested in which countries money was transferred from Ukraine, the list leader is Russia, followed by Georgia, Azerbaijan, China, and Uzbekistan.

The Most Convenient Money Transfers to Ukraine With

money transfers from abroad to Ukraine ► Where Did the Ukrainians Receive the Most Transfers From - Perekaz24

There are many ways for migrants to make money transfers. This includes bank transfers (last year, the share of transfers through a bank was 62%), money transfers by bus, and modern online services for transfers. Using a bank’s services, you need an account in one of the Polish banks to receive funds and transfer money to Ukraine. The main disadvantage is the double conversion. Thus, the recipient gets less money than it was sent. A few years ago, the most popular way was to transfer money by bus. The downside is that it will take a long time. It is especially inconvenient if you need to transfer a small amount, or your family and friends need it urgently. Also, this is not the safest way.

Online money transfer services have become a solution to many problems and inconveniences, and their popularity is only growing. The benefits:

  • money transfer from abroad 24/7;
  • the ability to transfer money without leaving home or the workplace;
  • money is transferred to the recipient’s card or the bank account within a few minutes;
  • the service works with all of the above countries for transfers to Ukraine. Also, there is the goal to make reverse operations.

Ukrainian service stands out among the online services. We have developed a convenient money transfer system because we understand how important it is for migrants to support their relatives and friends from Ukraine. We offer the most favorable terms of the transfer, a favorable exchange rate, no hidden fees, and guarantee transfer safety. We are working to make transferring money to Ukraine in 2021 even more convenient.

How to Make Money Transfers for Ukrainian Labor Migrants

Using our service is as intuitive and straightforward as possible. The sender should register on the platform by filling in several fields. A minimum of formalities to save your time. Then, choose a transfer method:

  • online transfer to a bank card – funds are transferred to the recipient’s card instantly. It is the most convenient and easiest way;
  • transfer of cash (US dollars or Euros) – indicate the full name and phone number of the recipient.

A minimum of effort is required from the recipient. In case of transfer to a card, money is received instantly. That is, such money transfers to Ukraine are an ideal solution if you need funds unexpectedly, and there is simply no way to wait a day or two. We live in the 21st century, and every minute matters. Waiting is not our priority.

Are There Transfer Limits?

Minimum payment: 10 UAH to a card, 1 USD in cash. Maximum transfer amount: $8,000 or the equivalent of this amount can be transferred per month, which is quite enough for Ukrainians’ needs. The cost of the transfer is 1.5% of the amount, and the first transfer is free, which will allow you to check the operation of the service. More detailed information is available on our website You can also contact our support team at any time that will answer all your questions. Also, explore the FAQ section, which provides detailed answers to our customers’ questions.

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